Axiom is one stop shop consulting company partnering with surgeons and taking on all the work needed to succeed. 

Step 1

Anesthesia Company Setup, creating a partnership Professional Limited Liability company in which the surgeon (or surgeons) as well as Dr. Ghalambor are true owners of the company. 

Axiom will take of care of all legal paperwork including but limited to creating the entity, getting Tax ID and NPI numbers as well as opening the joint bank account with the surgeon having full access to the joint account. 

step 2

Identifying and recruiting local Anesthesiologists and/ or CRNAs, coordinating their schedules, credentialing in the facilities.


Axiom will assess the need to recruit a local coordinator depending on the volume and will proceed with recruitment and training if necessary. 

step 3

Streamlining the paperwork, billing process, follow up with billing team to assure all necessary documentation is being sent to the insurance companies to assure optimal reimbursement of the services. 

step 4

Transparent reporting of all financials including detailed reports on all patients regarding the billing process, follow up and appeal on the claims as well as payments. 

All payments will be cross checked in real times with the payments in the bank account. 

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